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Seed-Starting Review (HTW Tip)

If you’re getting ready to start seeds for heirloom tomatoes (or any other seed), you need to make sure that you buy something that has “seed-starting mix” in its title. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, we used Pro-Mix and Espoma seed starter mix for our seedlings. Potting soil doesn’t cut it if you’re looking to start seeds. If you’re a composter, you can use compost for seed-starting mix as well.

To start seeds you want to make sure your seed-starting mix is wet using warm water. If you’re planning to plant a bunch of seeds, put some of your mix in a big pan or pot for easy access. Fill your containers or flats with the seed-starting mix and then put your seeds on top. Cap it off with more seed-starting mix that is also moist.

If you can create a set-up for your newly planted seedlings, it is best to water from the bottom. This allows the plants to draw up the water, which makes them hardier and prevents overwatering.

One flat isn’t enough!

Over the weekend I had become a caretaker to a flat of beets. I was so excited that I couldn’t just stop at one flat. This needed to be expanded. If I had this much fun with 1 flat, just imagine the fun with 12 flats!!!

Well, I went back to the office and started planning out how the teaching garden would run this year. I needed to start seeds soon if I wanted to get them in the garden by spring/summer. I went back to Wilson Nurseries and stocked up on all the gardening supplies I needed. Gardening flats, trays, pro-mix, capping mix, and of course the seeds.

I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. 1 flat is great for someone with as little gardening experience as me. 12 might be pushing it.