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Bill Clinton and Home Depot

So yesterday was quite the day for myself and Mr. Chris McEachron. Chris was able to get a hold of two tickets to the “Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council’s Earth Day Celebration” at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. The Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council is a “project-based organization composed of student leaders from eight Fayette County public and private high schools who are passionate about environmental issues.” Their keynote speaker for this celebratory event just happened to be our 42nd president, Mr. William J. Clinton. It was amazing to see all the students that filled the arena. Mr. Clinton’s words encouraging stewardship and sustainability seemed to ring true with the students and their current efforts. Fayette County may be the only county in the U.S. with a high school student-led coalition toward sustainability.

After our morning spent with Bill Clinton and friends, Chris and I decided to make use of our visit to Lexington. Since the arrival of our gardening shed, I’ve been itching to purchase our tools. Chris and I went down our wish list and picked out all of our items from the Home Depot. Things purchased included shovels, a spade, rakes, hoe, pruning shears, soaker hoses, hose nozzle, children’s gardening gloves, kneeling cushions, and two strawberry plants. These items have made their way to our new shed and seem to be settling in nicely. We’ll keep you updated when we actually get a chance to use all of our new fun stuff!

Free compost bins!

If you are a resident of Fayette County (Kentucky), you are in luck. You are eligible to receive a free compost bin from the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG). This helps reduced the all too common excuse that “composting is expensive”.

LFUCG has concocted a great way to get people more enthused in their garbage and recycling. Each one of their curbside containers has a name. I’m thinking this makes people feel more connected to their trash. Let’s talk about Herbie. Herbie is the container for all household waste that cannot be placed in either a Rosie or a Lenny. Rosie is the container for, yep, you guess it recycling. Now, Lenny is best used for your yard or lawn waste. This whole waste management gang helps Fayette County residents sort their waste properly.

After time, some of these curbside containers break down and are damaged. But LFUCG being the crafty folks they are have figured out what to do. They would never think to toss a damaged Herbie into a landfill, oh no! They actually upcycle old Herbies into new residential compost bins available to citizens.

We signed up for the list and were called a few months later to come pick up our prize.  We now have the old herbie aka new composter installed in our teaching garden to illustrate other methods of composting.

If you’d like to be added to the waiting list, please call LexCall at 311. It’s an amazing offer and a great way to test your composting skills.